Monday, September 01, 2008

Enjoying My Life

This is my theme for the next year.

I know most people write “New Year” resolutions, but I’m different.

By the time September rolls around, I usually have a glimmer of my expectations for the new year and have it finalized by my birthday in November.

This time, in August, I knew my theme was going to be Enjoying My Life. After all, why wait to be happy?!

How am I going to enjoy my life?
By being grateful for it!
By recording it, both in writing and in picture
Sharing my life with others
By being proactive instead of reactive

Another thing, I don’t do spring cleaning. I tend to do fall cleaning. I guess that’s why I attacked my living room last week. I’ve moved furniture, taken furniture and “knick knacky” things out of the living room and added new furniture. Now it is just a matter of adding the finishing touches. I’m not done yet, but I will be probably by the end of the year.